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Just share my knowledge

by CardBC.com on 11/13/12

Hello All

My name is Rita,


and I am the  owner of Bay Ridge Unisex Hair Studio.

I start this topic to help people, especially women,  with my free professional  advice, and recommendation  about hairstyles  and colors.

 A little bit about myself:


I have 33 years experience  in  the hair dressing industry.  First 10 years of my experience I was working in Kharkov Ukraine, in a modern  salon in downtown Kharkov  Ruslan & Ludmila.

When I came to USA, I started working in the Fodera Salon in St. Regis Hotel, Manhattan

I was very lucky to work with top hair dressers in the world, with Salvatore Fodera & Boris Melzer who were both winners in the world haircut competition. Working with masters like this, gave me a lot of  priceless experience, and I gladly will share it with you.

You could send  e-mail with your photo to me, and I ll give you private advice about your haircut style and colors. Or you could ask me questions in this topic, and I will gladly answer them.




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