Recovery addiction rehabilitation center

Recovery Addiction
Rehabilitation Center
Welcome To Recovery Center in Costa Rica

Recovery in a highly effective addiction rehabilitation center located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

It combines conventional and traditional chinese medicines, yoga therapy , special nutrition and psychotherapy to restore the brain’s natural capacity to experience joy from daily activities.

 Our integral program has an unparalleled success rate. For this reason Recovery center makes a promise to each of our residents: one year of sobriety, or you can return to our facility virtually cost free.

  Come to Recovery and experience world-class treatment that’s like no other. Rising over a secluded lush rainforest valley, the center enjoys beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific. Here you will find the kind of peace and serenity that is truly healing. 

Join us and begin a life-changing journey today. Get the holistic treatment that works.

 Addiction is Treatable

At Recovery we know that addiction is treatable. We have helped people from all over the world become free from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction. Our rehabilation program addresses the root of the problem and focuses on the underlying factors that fuel addictive behaviors. This is absolutely necessary in order to be effective.

We do not approach addiction in a "cookie cutter" fashion. Our treatment approach honors the individuality of our clients who receive customized treatment tailored to their unique needs and life situations.
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